Meet The Craziest Karens That Exist

10 Μάρ 2021
174 508 προβολές

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  • Hi

    Aesthticboba artAesthticboba artΠριν 2 ώρες
  • 0:06 it’s Dora:)

    Eren chanEren chanΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Karen’s trigger me

    Hjbhvyghv VhgcguhHjbhvyghv VhgcguhΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • everyone is commenting about the karens in this video, while I'm here wondering who the person in the yellow shirt is.

    MArta WAshingtonMArta WAshingtonΠριν 3 ημέρες
  • instead of having millions of people go to war, send 50 Karen's instead, problem solved

    Jaydyn NicholsonJaydyn NicholsonΠριν 3 ημέρες
  • I found a vampire and its name is karen

    random vidsrandom vidsΠριν 4 ημέρες
  • the karen who wanted the wifi password really pissed me off for some reason

    Maica MesanaMaica MesanaΠριν 4 ημέρες
  • I know how to defend myself against a Karen, I just get my axe ;)

    AJ MurphyAJ MurphyΠριν 4 ημέρες
  • Lesson of the video: Wear a mask

    barry de Ventbarry de VentΠριν 6 ημέρες
  • She really did bring her pet

    Jeb BolandJeb BolandΠριν 6 ημέρες
  • hi

    Brandon CoteBrandon CoteΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • They're having a dance-off(1:24)

  • Karens

    Boby MBoby MΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Me: Just Moves a bit- Karen: STOP MAKING FUN OF ME

    MxddDxshing RxhdesMxddDxshing RxhdesΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • the lady holding the dog HAS A !@#$ TAZER!!!

    The sword KillerThe sword KillerΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Yes we have to wear a mask if it’s recommended in the store for a while and covid is real.

    Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Are she brought her pet

    Craig HoweyCraig HoweyΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • You have to wear the mask covid is real I had it and covid pneumonia I was sick for 25 days. I got healed on February 5th

    Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • 7:54 SCP-096 only scp fans or peoples who knoews about scps can understand

    Freak GameplayzFreak GameplayzΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Hi Me: What the f**k KAREN: 😡really I'm not your mom and i don't care god d**n

    Jacob WillliamsJacob WillliamsΠριν 8 ημέρες
  • yo karen are u on earth cause the devil didnt want u?

    Angalena JordanAngalena JordanΠριν 8 ημέρες
  • the karen has literlie a pet by the first part

    Diana LangDiana LangΠριν 8 ημέρες
  • I love how none of them realized that he quoted an Eminem song.

    Charlie BradburyCharlie BradburyΠριν 9 ημέρες
  • The karens that screaming:shake my head SHAKE MY HEAD Unexpected error had occurred

    Mc Claren GupitMc Claren GupitΠριν 9 ημέρες
  • The karens that screaming:shake my head SHAKE MY HEAD Unexpected error had occurred

    Mc Claren GupitMc Claren GupitΠριν 9 ημέρες
  • Ahhh

    Henry BlagroveHenry BlagroveΠριν 9 ημέρες
  • Holy God we had a karen neighbor she fat she haz short hair and she ask where za manager is :{

    Ayesha KhanAyesha KhanΠριν 9 ημέρες
  • karen level up to 100

    Panther_NightPanther_NightΠριν 10 ημέρες
  • I think the black ma'am positive covid 19 and that why he say do not wearing a mask i feel disgusting with him 😒

    Rex RedDudeRex RedDudeΠριν 11 ημέρες
  • 1:57 Karen: Throws Worker: does nothing Karen: Throws the box at me Me: I,ll do the same thing to u

    DexterDexterΠριν 12 ημέρες
  • What time are I going

    yuck__kxttyyuck__kxttyΠριν 12 ημέρες
  • I wonder if police departments setup a Karen call program that detects when a Karen is calling 911 it just goes to them instead of the real cops.

    philippe blaisphilippe blaisΠριν 12 ημέρες

    MoosevailMoosevailΠριν 12 ημέρες
  • Bro if someone was a Karen to me I would have a life sentence. Just Kidding

    Santiago GuerreroSantiago GuerreroΠριν 12 ημέρες
  • Karenpoclypse

    Merry MarlinaMerry MarlinaΠριν 13 ημέρες
  • I had a Karen incident where this crazy Karan threatened a boy so I popped her tires and had all my friends pop their tires and to call the towing company to fix them, guess who had to stay the night at Wendy’s because there was no tow trucks available.

    Patrick ViehoeverPatrick ViehoeverΠριν 13 ημέρες
    • We don’t pop anyone’s tires no matter how crazy they act

      Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • 5:00 the Karen Titan 😂😂

    Pieck FingerPieck FingerΠριν 14 ημέρες
  • there is thus karen who is always trying to break down my door when im at school and then she tells me that my house is her house but she lost the door key so she has to break it down what do i do?

    Hayden SagerHayden SagerΠριν 14 ημέρες
  • caught in 4k bit**

    Nang Hseng AyeNang Hseng AyeΠριν 14 ημέρες
  • I would have so loved to open the door if a karan was ramming it

    Purple Guardian RabbitPurple Guardian RabbitΠριν 14 ημέρες
  • Now you can buy anti-karen perfume just for one dollar. Buy it today! Karen's won't even look at you. Buy it TODAY!

    ArtYour LifeArtYour LifeΠριν 15 ημέρες
  • What's with Android phones I have one

    TBNRAtlan GamerTBNRAtlan GamerΠριν 15 ημέρες
  • For the people who don't think Corona is real, no wonder people are dieing😒 They don't listen to what you're supposed to do

    cierra. wuvsyoucierra. wuvsyouΠριν 16 ημέρες
  • Ya she say she need wifi but what she actually needs is a reality check

    Mortisha McAlexanderMortisha McAlexanderΠριν 16 ημέρες
  • i just had a fight with a "ken" yesterday guess who it was -_- MY DAD!

    caitlyn victorcaitlyn victorΠριν 17 ημέρες
  • Karens, women are more prone to diabetes.

    SpaySpayΠριν 17 ημέρες
  • (Karen)This an't china In china "we don't need masks any more"

    Jonah YuJonah YuΠριν 18 ημέρες
    • We still have to wear them in Alabama for a little longer

      Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Charge !!!! The glass mcchidonalds recorded ez views

    Midnight ????????Midnight ????????Πριν 18 ημέρες
  • There is no chorona then she gets it

    Midnight ????????Midnight ????????Πριν 18 ημέρες
  • My two year old gousin is begomeing a karen

    Sirje KaunaSirje KaunaΠριν 19 ημέρες
  • Suggestion: make a tissue box with masks for Karen’s

    ItsCrazyGamer 6ItsCrazyGamer 6Πριν 19 ημέρες
  • As in watching this im fighting a karen i poured soda on her she was mad because i wouldn't let her son date my girl

    Daniel MyersDaniel MyersΠριν 19 ημέρες
  • And we can see this Karen in it's natural habitat

    rhonda widger-lawlerrhonda widger-lawlerΠριν 19 ημέρες
  • Congratulations if you found this comment, If you did then... You deserve to live a happy life, deserve to be safe... And have a Cookie 🍪🍪🍪 Be safe

    DoBeVibingTho YTDoBeVibingTho YTΠριν 19 ημέρες
  • You know people say Karen's are bad but really there not because you can sue them for harassment and make money off them. There hero's

    Mac PatrickMac PatrickΠριν 20 ημέρες

    Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBERAhsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBERΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • I had cronu

    Jacob CrabtreeJacob CrabtreeΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • next time i go to a rap battle i will take a karen

    VECTO VEXVECTO VEXΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • 1:38 subtitles: **M U S I C**

    Isaiah SoucierIsaiah SoucierΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • 😂 the one part where everyone but Anthony laughed and then like 12 seconds later he laughed

    PumpPumpΠριν 21 ημέρα
    • It took him longer to think it through

      Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Me: Living Karen: *D o y o u h a v e a l i c e n s e f o r t h a t?*

    ClayClayΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • Karens 🤡

    BaconGod PlaysBaconGod PlaysΠριν 22 ημέρες
  • Wen you go to war "he's not wearing a mask"(karens) ladies.............. Let's go get them

    Noob BossNoob BossΠριν 22 ημέρες
  • You should legit call the police on some of then karens

    Steed lolSteed lolΠριν 23 ημέρες
  • It’s my greatest invention the kareninator

    ThiccMidas 21ThiccMidas 21Πριν 23 ημέρες
  • Why does she use other people's wifi

    Dragon PlayzDragon PlayzΠριν 24 ημέρες
  • Karen: "THERE IS NO CORONA!" If I was treated like this, and if I had some kind of "corona essence in a bottle" on me, I'll gladly prove that there's corona by making *her* the host.

    Phillippe Alvyn DupitasPhillippe Alvyn DupitasΠριν 24 ημέρες
    • I wish there was no covid but it there is. I had covid and covid pneumonia I was sick for 25 days

      Mel BMel BΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • That karen charging at the door is the stuff of nightmares

    Mr. MysteryMr. MysteryΠριν 25 ημέρες
  • Idk if you call me a Karen but at 7:27 she's right because we are living in China and wearing masks it's a law for no reason and she's right people do or dont have to wear masks but if you do outside y'all are just AI'S fr

    Ryanna HerrickRyanna HerrickΠριν 25 ημέρες
  • Aym Türkiye ❤❤❤❤ reaction time ekibi

    Emine ÇetinkayaEmine ÇetinkayaΠριν 25 ημέρες
  • guys.... I'm scared :'(

    Al ZaraAl ZaraΠριν 26 ημέρες
  • I was remembered I was a kid with my mom at shop bc black market,the little girl about 8-9 year all,the girl just hit me idk why and my mom didn’t see but she mom saw it and she get mad by her mom lol Am remember I was 3 years old

    Feng FengFeng FengΠριν 26 ημέρες
  • Did you know there karenasf45 virus

  • 0:55 I have a classmate at school and like if he doesn’t get to play with his friend at recess and sit by him at lunch he will do that

  • This is five nights of Karen's XD

    Neli ColonNeli ColonΠριν 26 ημέρες
  • karens are funny hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ashton StricklandAshton StricklandΠριν 28 ημέρες
  • I died when i hear karen-pocalypse xD

    fairuzlikescontentfairuzlikescontentΠριν 28 ημέρες
  • Karen: Screams about something not important Driver: Can I just get my Chicken nuggets

    SwitchingSwitchingΠριν 28 ημέρες
  • Why cant you guys just knock the Karen out cold

    hussein sidhiqhussein sidhiqΠριν 29 ημέρες
  • I love Dora the explorer but Dora the explorer does not have light here she has brown hair I meant I meant black hair Okay so Do the explorer's name Isadora not freaking Karen

    BRittney HallBRittney HallΠριν 29 ημέρες
  • i am suffering from karens

    Mason MillsMason MillsΠριν 29 ημέρες
  • his videos are always better when his friends are with them, especially when anthony is with them.

    snow raysnow rayΠριν μήνα
  • Why does some white people think highly of themselves as if their sh*t doesnt stink.

    Karen OcampoKaren OcampoΠριν μήνα
  • I used to be a Ken but I went to rehab and now I see a counselor but it is always in my mind.

    Doc 69Doc 69Πριν μήνα
  • Hilarious Reaction 😂🤣😅💣💥🔥

    Linamnam & UlamLinamnam & UlamΠριν μήνα
  • Karen's are in 2025 get ROOSTED definition of Karen toxic

    Brandon TatumBrandon TatumΠριν μήνα
  • The first Karen was boney as hell!

    Laughing JackLaughing JackΠριν μήνα
  • Everybody now needs to be armed with a gun.

    Bulbasaur Jax QuinnyBulbasaur Jax QuinnyΠριν μήνα
  • People : *exist* Karen's : EXCUSE ME!!

  • the legendary karen: black karen

    Carmelo WrightCarmelo WrightΠριν μήνα
  • 4 adult men making fun of funny possesed disabled women. Nice

    Alexandros KarvounisAlexandros KarvounisΠριν μήνα
  • Never seen a drive-thru at a shoe shop have you ever seen a drive-thru had a shoe shop oh my God

    Ilianet TapanesIlianet TapanesΠριν μήνα
  • Nobody: Karen: let me talk to the manager I'm telling ya Karen's are simps for manager..

    Adiana's CrossoversAdiana's CrossoversΠριν μήνα
  • Is there anyone named Karen in the comments?

    Joshua TranterJoshua TranterΠριν μήνα
  • Now we know why God created COVID

    SuperPaul2006SuperPaul2006Πριν μήνα
  • I am a proud patron of this country and there is no law that says you have to wear a mask like that lady said so sometimes when I walk into Walmart and have my mask on the first minute walk in and then I take off my mask when I'm inside the building when I come out no one complains that are so if we can have no masks but still if people log in there with masks and walk out without one in the store how is it that when that lady at that store whatever see her mask off and they told her to put back her mask on then that's very like China like and my dad and me went to the store one time and this person said put back on your mask he said okay and then after he literally just took it off and he said I don't like this place why can you not just mind your own business in my head if anyone told me that I would be a little bit more aggressive but that's my way thank you and I love your videos

    Renee HinrichsRenee HinrichsΠριν μήνα
  • Who would bring a pet witch is a kid?

    Joshua SimpsonJoshua SimpsonΠριν μήνα
  • That one woman is right, we don't have to wear a mask.

    MetaKnight964MetaKnight964Πριν μήνα
  • Dud I saw a karen to day

    shorts !!!shorts !!!Πριν μήνα
  • why do they have to call it the china vris im from china

    Zhaoyun YangZhaoyun YangΠριν μήνα